If You Are Looking To Have A Curvier, Fuller And Bigger Butt Without Having To Go Through The Dangers Of Surgery, Break The Bank Or Loose Your Life To Complications During Suregery...You Should See This

With this you are guaranteed to have a bigger, fuller and curvier butt in 28 days with permanent results

To every woman that has always wanted to build their body, become more beautiful and improve their self esteem

I looked so skinny but the way i am now is a testimony that as women we can be whoever we want and build our physical bodies to taste and even recreate ourselves – Jennifer

I have always struggled as a woman to achieve a curvier, bigger and fuller butt and hips especially seeing other women i envy them so much.

I want to be like them because it makes me happy with myself

But i don’t ever want to go under the knife

That sh*t scares the hell out of me plus the dangers that comes with it

The sad part is a lot of surgeons will never really tell you the dangers

It’s capitalism you know

The doctors have bills to pay and all

So they put their best interests before yours

Having a plastic surgery especially when your goal is just to build a bigger body (either butt or breast) is too dangerous

It never ends well most times and there are way too many cases to prove this

See this video below from one of the very few honest surgeons out there;

It’s sad but it happens 


Lots of wonderful and promising women like you and me have lost their lives going under the knife even with the best of surgeons plus the high price they have to pay


The big question is;


Is it really worth your life?

Big NO!


You are way too precious


I understand the fact that as women we want to get curvier because it makes us look really beautiful and there is a way it spikes up our attraction plus confidence


Ever since i got curvier my man goes crazy over me especially when it’s time for bedroom activities


He is ever ready and never gets tired of me


My marriage has seen some really excellent improvement


While this might sound like my man was attracted to my body?


Well the sad truth is whether you like it or not your dream man is attracted to your body first before your personality


Your body comes first before anything else including personality

That’s why when a man that is attracted to you approaches you he complements you first or even comes up with a pickup line just for complements


Don’t let anyone fool you into believing your intelligence and all comes first


Yes you have to be kind, intelligent and loving as a woman i would never dispute that 


But does a man see and even know you have those qualities before he approaches you?


No he doesn’t what he sees first is your body


Your personality is seen later maybe after several interactions or during a date


He can’t even get to know your personalities like that it would still take some time plus getting the relationship to a certain level that reveals all these things


Which is why i would forever encourage any and every woman to keep working towards building their dream body especially if you want to get thicker (a bigger body size, a bigger butt and breast)


I would be an hypocrite if i ever talked against it because i am thick and it makes me very happy even my man loves it


Take a look at this statistic

But we as women really go through a lot

We are awesome creations 

We reflect the beauty of creation and the existence of men

We add so much beauty and meaning to the lives of men even though we women don’t realize these things until we actually sit down to reflect on it

Having a thicker and a bigger body as a woman shouldn’t come with so much pain or take your life

Measures like Brazillian Butt Lift (the most common), Implants, lower body lift, liposuction and the likes comes with way too much danger and if your doctor or surgeon is sincere with you he would always let you know there are risks

You might also be like there non-surgical alternatives too when you mention the likes of sculptra butt lift and dermal fillers

The issue here is these methods both surgical and non surgical require extra sessions every 6 – 12 months because the results are not permanent plus they need maintenance

What now happens when you are financially incapacitated at the time you ought to have a session with your surgeon

Let’s not even say finance what if something came up that made you unable to have a session

And the moment you are unable to go for maintenance problems begin to occur

See the video below;

Even if you are able to go for your bi-annualy or yearly sessions health complications might occur

Recently the FDA posted an article showing that breast implants can cause Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) also known as cancer of the immune system

I marveled when i saw this

See the story of popular pop star SZA on removing her breast implant after she was close to having cancer

Sculptra butt lift also has its own dangers too as it comes with majorly infections and bleeding

All procedures come with dangers whether surgical or non surgical


Not a single one is safe while the dangers might be reduced depending on the procedure the risk is still there


And they are life threatening


They all lead to premature death once the complications come and they are not properly treated


Even at times your plastic surgeon can give his best and you end up losing your life


So why go that route when there is a natural, safe, very affordable(even if you are broke), effective and effortless way to build your dream body


The natural method comes with zero complications, zero health risk and it’s effortless


Meaning if you are dead lazy you can still build your dream body


Building your dream body naturally is even more attractive and way more desired


Whether you are looking at a bigger butt, breast or full weight gain the natural method is 100% the safest way to go


A research was conducted by a content creator asking men what kind of body they desired the most and they all went for the natural one


See the video below;

A naturally endowed body is the best way to go


Even if you are not endowed you can always build to the size you want naturally with permanent results


Building a bigger butt naturally is easier, effortless, cost-affective and fast with noticeable results in as quick as 28 days depending on the butt size you want to build


While the question of what’s the natural way to build a bigger and attractive butt might be running through your mind


I think i should provide an answer to that


Lots of african women have been using this for centuries though it’s not so popular in United States and European continent

But it’s the secret to the endowment of most African women


See an example below;

I bring to you Body Natural Butt Powder Mix

It contains Aguaje, Maca and lots of other proprietary herbs which has been used by african women for centuries


African men love big butts so women use Aguaje most especially alongside other herbs to keep the attraction for their men


And you know african herbs are really powerful


Even Meek Mill had to come to Nigeria for treatment after seeing several doctors over a terrible stomach ache


He was given Bitter Kola which we call Kola Chungu in Swahili which is a very essential herb in the preparation of herbs for stomach complications


See what he has to say

The most amazing part of it all is you won’t be getting the Butt Powder Mix Alone


It comes with a butt cream and a free syrup


In regards to how long it would take to see results with this


Depending on the butt size you want to build we can guarantee noticeable results in 28 days


The product is guaranteed to work for you irrespective of your race whether you are Hispanic, Caucaccian, African american regardless of your race you should expect to see awesome results with it


With over 1000 testimonials from women across the United States,France, United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana


Find a couple of these testimonials below

The next big question that might be running through your mind is 

How do I get it?

It’s really easy

Just click on the link below to order and you would be asked to fill in your details, after that you are redirected to a payment page

Once payment is completed your order would be processed and you should expect to receive the product in 14 – 21 days

Due to the fact that the farmers go into the farm to naturally source for the products and we freshly handmake them so its a product we source and make as we receive the orders….

All these just to ensure it’s all fresh and preserve the shelf life

Shipping is free, superfast and efficient so you don’t have to worry about shipping or delivery fees

Just an overview of what you would be getting if you order now
  • Authentic Butt Powder Mix 

  • Butt Cream

  • Herbal Butt Syrup
  • Free Shipping

How much does all this goodness cost?

Great question

If we put it all together the combo consists of three products which includes the Butt Powder Mix, Herbal Butt Syrup And Natural Butt Cream

And the 2 products alone is guaranteed to get you visible and permanent results in at least 28 days or more depending on the butt size you want to build with zero side effects

If i am too look at the cost women pay for expensive butt lift procedures i can easily decide to sell this for $5,000

Because i can go with the mindset that women pay more than $5,000 for more expensive procedures that end up deteriorating their health constant Bi-annual maintenance

But no i would never do that

Since the combo was made from all natural herbs and proteins plus i would also consider the facts that lots of awesome, lovely and kind hearted women have lost their lives to expensive procedures

Not just that a lot of other women have been disfigured with their bodies damaged beyond repair

Looking at all these

The combo would be going for only $249.50

You can also buy as a single product for $85 if you can’t afford to buy the set


$ 85 One-Off
  • Authentic Butt Mix
  • Free Shipping

Double Combo

Best For Faster Results
$ 249
  • Authentic Butt Cream
  • Authentic Butt Mix
  • Herbal Butt Syrup
  • Free Shipping
Best Deal


$ 85 One-Off
  • Herbal Butt Syrup
  • Free Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Our products are plant based using the purest of herbs, plants and oils.

The products are very safe with no side effects and permanent results

No, please pregnant and nursing mothers should not use the products.

Yes the result is permanent.

But incase you fall sick and loose weight, all you need to do is re-use the products and you are back

We have not recorded side effects of the products but once you use it and you experience any discomfort kindly discontinue

Our product has been used by over 200 women across Africa, Europe and The United States asides the cases of side effects we’ve never had someone tell us that the product never worked for them

So far you don’t experience any discomfort during usage you are guaranteed to see results


The set of products are formulated to target only the butt, hips and thighs to give you that natural curvy look.


Due to several reviews we have gotten from our customers who have used the product

We are so sure of the product quality that we offer a 30 days money back guarantee.

If you are not happy with the product or you didn’t get the result expected after you use as instructed simply reach-out to us to get the entire cost of the product refunded.